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      Welcome to my website, Discover Bali Tour which is supported by Dewa Marco & The Team, your expert driving and tour guide solution in Bali, the Island of the Gods. My name is Dewa Marco and I was born and raised in Bali.  I have been a driver and tour guide in Bali for more than 10 years. Dewa Marco & The Team believe that having the right driver & guide is an important asset to enhance your holiday.

It is the best way to experience and appreciate Bali's true beauty, traditions and culture. Both myself and my team of drivers can discuss with you your requirements and plans and provide a flexible itinerary that meets your holiday objectives. We provide transport to you and your party in modern, comfortable, reliable, air-conditioned vehicles. All of the drivers associated with Dewa Marco & Co are native to Bali and possess a lifetime's experience of local knowledge. They have been handpicked for their driving experience, reliability, integrity, courtesy, communication skills and positive attitude.

Dewa Marco & Co 是您旅遊巴厘島,首選的專業包車旅遊車隊!



我 們最大的特色有兩點: 【盡情的玩】 來到巴厘島使用本車隊的車子、在包車行程裡的每個景點我們不限制時間讓您盡情的玩。 【玩得盡興】 本車隊人員在全程、提供解說、拍照服務、跟客人一起玩、推出私人景點、體驗鄉村生活。 【開車每個人都會、互動旅遊不是每人都會玩】 服務範圍: 全巴厘島包車旅遊。 機場、車站、飯店、登山、朔溪接送接駁。 景點行程包套

Dewa marco & The Team

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